Bookends are expensive. I found this out recently while trying to organize the books in my toddler and soon to be baby no. 2’s bookshelves. I don’t want to spend $50 on fancy bookends for kids but I would also like the bookends to work and not break when I take a book out every night at bedtime. Dilemmas. Dilemmas. So my husband came up with the idea to use bricks. I don’t think he thought I would like the idea but I thought, yeah that might work. I did a little research and this is what I came up with…


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Now that I am a freelance designer/stay at home mom, I decided to start my own shop on etsy called,
Birch and Dot. I tend to like designs that are modern and minimal and when it comes to sending out invites or thank you cards I found it really hard to find something that fit that style. For my son’s baptism, for instance, I really just wanted a small 4″x6″ photo of him in his tiny suit with the words thank you. You would think that wouldn’t be hard to find but it ended up being hours of endless googling with a 3 month old screaming in the background. Not fun. Yes, I could have designed something myself but in my post baby fog (or as my husband refers to it, when I was blacked out for 3 months) googling was all I could muster. So now that my son is sleeping through the night, I have designed a line of photo cards that are clean and simple. They can all be customized so if you see something you want to tweak or have an idea in mind-contact me on etsy and I would be happy to work with you! The cards are delivered as a .jpg and pdf so you can print them at home or online or at your local printer. Hope you stop by etsy and check them out!

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Over the summer we vacationed in Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod and I took this sweet photo of our son’s footprints. Just thought I would share it in case anyone wanted to claim it for their own child’s footprints! Great pic to hang in the bathroom or at least that’s what we did with this one.


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I am a little obsessed with pizza. That might be an understatement, I could really eat it everyday and, in fact, generally plan to when my husband is out of town. I do, however, hate making my own pizza dough. It seems so easy—add flour, some yeast and perfection right? Wrong. It never turns out right, it is a finicky little beast. It hates humid weather and when I attempt to make it in the summer I inevitably have to scrap it and head down the street for take out. Beyond frustrating. So yesterday, I attempted for the second time to make spent grain pizza dough. The first time I used this recipe the dough was good but came out too thin and didn’t cover my pan so this time I doubled it and to my amazement it came out really, really good. Hurray! Pizza success! The dough was more of deep dish, thick pizza but really airy and light. If you want more of a thin crust I would suggest still doubling the recipe and making smaller pizzas. Now I’ll back up for just a second, spent grain—what is it you ask? I am a very lucky lady in that my husband makes his own beer—delicious, awesome beer I might add. So I was on the look out for recipes to use all the leftover grain once he was done brewing. You can make bread, but obviously I went for the pizza dough recipe.

You only need a few ingredients – yeast, salt, water, flour, olive oil.


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I was just looking through some old photos to hang in my office and came across this great pic from a girls weekend in Saranac Lake, NY a few years back — enjoy!

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